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Annual Physicals

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Undergoing annual physicals on a routine basis is an easy and effective way to preserve your health and well-being. At Farr Medical Group, Inc. the team provides a variety of annual physicals on-site, including sports, school, and employment physicals; Medicare wellness exams; and preoperative physicals. Book an appointment online or call the Bakersfield, California, office today.

Annual Physicals Q & A

What are annual physicals?

An annual physical is a preventive screening measure that assesses your mental and physical health. Many serious conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, present few obvious symptoms. Physicals can catch these and other ailments early on when they respond best to treatment.

In addition, physicals present an opportunity to ask questions, update immunizations, refill prescription medication, and build a relationship with your primary care physician. If it's been more than a year since your last physical, contact Farr Medical Group, Inc. today.

What are the types of annual physicals?

Farr Medical Group, Inc. offers several types of annual physicals, including:

Sports physicals

A sports physical ensures an athlete is healthy enough to participate in a specific activity. If your child plays organized sports, they must complete a sports physical prior to the start of a new season. Once the exam is complete, your child’s provider can sign off on any necessary paperwork.

School physicals

Many schools require students to undergo a physical at the beginning of each year. During a school physical, your child’s provider conducts an exam, updates their immunizations, and orders laboratory testing. In addition, they assess your child’s vision and hearing. 

Medicare wellness exams

A Medicare wellness exam is a routine checkup that evaluates your physical health. If you’re a Medicare recipient, you get one free wellness exam each year. During a Medicare wellness exam, your provider conducts a physical, asks questions about any unusual symptoms and your lifestyle, updates your immunizations, and orders laboratory tests as necessary.

Employment physicals

If your job requires you to operate heavy machinery or a commercial vehicle, you might need an employment physical. An employment physical is a preventive exam that determines if you’re healthy enough to perform the tasks associated with your job. Once you pass an employment physical, your provider signs the paperwork you need to continue working.

Preoperative physicals

A preoperative physical is an exam that determines if you’re healthy enough to undergo surgery. During this type of exam, your provider evaluates your heart, lungs, and circulation. They also order specialized tests based on your age, health history, and the type of surgery you’re preparing for.

What can I expect at an annual physical?

No two annual physicals are exactly alike. Farr Medical Group, Inc. tailors the appointment to your unique needs and health history. That said, most physicals follow a basic structure, including:

  • Taking your height, weight, and temperature
  • Listening to your heart and respiratory rate with a stethoscope
  • Testing your reflexes
  • Palpating your organs
  • Ordering laboratory tests
  • Updating your immunizations

Your provider also asks about your lifestyle, including how often you exercise, the type of foods you eat, and if you smoke or drink alcohol. Try to answer each question as honestly as possible. 

To further explore annual physicals, request a consultation at Farr Medical Group, Inc. Schedule an appointment by clicking the online booking tool, or call the office today.